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  • Honoring science through art...
    Honoring science through art...
    Artwork by Ciara Huggins.
  • Citizen science at LRMS
    Citizen science at LRMS
    Eighth grade students under the supervision of Mary Jewett and L.E.A. record measurements at a Forestry Inventory Growth (FIG) plot at Lake Region Middle School.
  • Celebrating the colors of diversity.
    Celebrating the colors of diversity.
    A welcoming mural in the halls of LRMS.
  • LRMS thespians in rehearsal
    LRMS thespians in rehearsal
    Lake Region Drama Club performed the play Dear Edwina.
  • Laker talent...
    Laker talent...
    Dear Edwina...performed by LRMS Drama Club.
  • Laker Pride!
    Laker Pride!
    A sea of blue and gold at a LRMS pep rally.
Student Links

HERE IS WHAT'S HAPPENING at the Middle School

3 months ago

Project Based Learning Results

This slideshow has pictures from Cadillac student work.  You will see examples of 3D Printing and Robotics.

Student Poetry

In Mrs. Boyce's Enrichment course students are practicing the art of poetry.  Here are the results to the students work.

By Bill Callahan