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Cadillac Teachers
Jeannine Roy - Math and English Language Arts
Jennifer Schaeffer - Social Studies and English Language Arts
Kathleen Tragert - Science and English Language Arts
Brigitte Morse - Special Education
Elizabeth Marx - Special Education
For more information...
To access our teachers' Schoology pages, please click the Schoology link at the top of the page. For school wide daily announcements, please check the LRMS homepage. To contact teachers directly, please use the email on listed on their personal staff pages.
Agenda Books
Please check your child's agenda for more information about classes, homework, and paperwork. Feel free to write notes to us in the agenda book if needed. Please remind your student to show us the notes. The Cadillac students will also have weekly "Laker" slips. These slips encourage safe, kind, responsible, and respectful behaviors. Please look over your student's Laker slips for comments and suggestions.