Lake Region Middle School prepares learners to achieve success in a rapidly changing world.

Students & Learning Beliefs

Beliefs regarding students and learning:

  1. All students can learn, have talent, and have the ability to succeed.

  2. Students learn at different rates and in different ways.

  3. Students who feel safe and valued in their learning community will thrive.

  4. Students need opportunities to learn in the environment and styles that will ensure their success.

  5. If students are exposed to high-quality daily instruction at their level, they will be successful.

  6. When students get to celebrate their success, they have increased intrinsic motivation.

Teachers & Teaching Beliefs

Belief regarding teachers and teaching:

  1. Teachers build relationships that engage students in learning.

  2. Teachers create a sense of community where everyone is valued.

  3. Teachers are innovative, enthusiastic lifelong learners.

  4. Teachers empower all students to reach their individual potential.

  5. Teachers provide high-quality daily instruction, resulting in optimal learning outcomes.

  6. Teachers learn best within their disciplines when they collaborate with other teachers.

Community Beliefs

Belief regarding our learning community:

  1. Parents are the students’ first teachers, and their involvement and support are essential.

  2. Our school should have a palpable sense of community where everyone feels safe, heard, and valued.

  3. Our school should provide a wide range of options for learning so as to meet the needs of the learning community.

  4. Learning occurs outside the walls of the school and outside the school day.