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MSAD 61 MLTI Laptop Family Orientation
MSAD 61 MLTI Laptop Family Orientation
IMPORTANT NOTE: All students must participate in a yearly training with a parent/ guardian.

Each year parents/guardians and their students need to attend a meeting to ensure that they understand the school policies and responsibilities of using and taking home the MLTI laptops. At these meetings, you are asked to sign an agreement giving your student permission to take the laptop home.

Most years, we are able to offer an “Online” version of the annual family orientation. The online training version can be found in the parents Infinite Campus account. Near the bottom of the page, there is a link for the online training.

No laptops can be taken home without the following:
• You and your student must participate in a training session together. (Either online or Face to Face)
• All students and parents must sign off on the MSAD 61 MLTI Sign out form to confirm you and your student will adhere to MSAD 61 policies and procedures in regards to computer use throughout the school year.
Tips and Tricks
Cmd-C: Copy
Cmd-V: Paste
Cmd-A: Select All
Cmd-X: Cut
Cmd-Z: Undo
Cmd-S: Save
Cmd-Shift-S: Save as
Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-8: Invert Colors
Cmd-Tab: Switch Application
Cmd-~: Switch Windows in same Application
Cmd-,: Finder Preferences
Cmd-P: Print
Cmd-UP-P: Print Options
Cmd-Q: Quit Application
Cmd-Click: Create folder--?
Additions after meeting: Please feel free to add your name to an addition you’ve made.
Cmd-R Refreshes
Cmd_hold R opens a tab that is in view
Fn_hold F12 to go to Dashboard
Ctrl power button brings up the power menu for macbook airs
Cmd space= spotlight
Cmd f5=voice over
(Cmd 1 = first bookmark
Cmd 2 = second bookmark These are only for safari)
Shift and the minus = ___
Ctrl + M = new slide for slide show on google
Cmd Shift 4 = screenshot